A Farewell to Extra Arms


  As August draws to a close and fall approaches, our summer interns are getting ready to head back to school. We will miss them dearly, but we’re not letting them leave without first sharing their thoughts about working at Wise Ink.




This internship has definitely been one to remember. Doing marketing and social media for Wise Ink was something completely new and exciting. How many Gen-Y’s land a job where they’re able to Tweet and Pin during work … because it’s their job? Not too many! Social media aside, I found out just how difficult it is for an indie author to market by themselves while they’re simultaneously trying to finish all other parts to their book, book launch, etc. I’m proud to have worked with and assisted these hard-working authors to make their marketing campaigns go as smoothly as possible.


This summer has given me hope that independently published books will no longer have a stigma attached. Seeing how amazing Dara, Amy, and Laura all are and how much time and love they put into each and every project just goes to show how publishing is changing for the better. I hope Wise Ink continues to produce stellar novels from talented authors and take the publishing world by storm.




Interning for Wise Ink has been the best career experience I’ve had to date, by far. Working with Amy, Dara, and Laura has given me extremely high expectations for what I want out my career in the future. I started with Wise Ink ready for as many new challenges as I could grasp in my hands—and they did not disappoint me. I have learned about, worked through, or assisted in a many aspects of writing, blogging, editing, proofreading, designing, typesetting, and marketing at an indie publishing company. That work experience alone was worth waking up early every morning and battling rush hour traffic.


Wise Ink is an inspirational company to work for, and the amount of love, wisdom, and talent this company has to share with its authors blows me away. I have no doubts they’ll continue to change the publishing industry, one stellar author at a time. This internship has been an adventure, and I’m disappointed that it’s coming to an end. Don’t worry, though; I’ll be back soon, Minneapolis, to start my own career in publishing.



…but sadly, we have to. Farewell Wise Ink, we'll miss you!