Meet The Interns!


  There are two new faces at Wise Ink this summer! Both hailing from the Midwest and seriously into reading, Luci Appelquist and Amara Thein are formally introducing themselves so we can all get a little more familiar with the new indie-pub kids on the block.


Luci Appelquist



I’m a junior at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities studying English with a writing emphasis. I absolutely love reading and writing and knew from early on that I would make a career out of both. When I found out exactly what an editor did (you get to read all day!), I hastily worked towards getting an internship with publishing companies close to my hometown of Apple Valley, MN. I was fortunate to land an editorial internship for the summer of 2013 and fortunate again to find an internship through Wise Ink Creative Publishing for this summer.


At Wise Ink, my title is Marketing Coordinator and I help research new ways for authors to market their books. My duties also include running Wise Ink’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts and writing weekly blogs.


At school, I play on the Club Volleyball team, love going to Gopher sporting events, and, as a self-professed coffee addict, you can usually find me in Dunn Bros or the Purple Onion reading, studying, or just further fueling my addiction.


In my spare time, I’ve been working as a waitress at the Aster Café in Minneapolis and gearing up for a four-month study abroad trip to India during my spring semester where I’ll be doing volunteer work while studying Indian Art and Culture. Following the completion of my degree next winter, I’ll be ready to join the publishing world for good!


Amara Thein

Amara pic


I’m a fourth-year at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa and I was raised in a small farming town not too far from there. I have a passion for literature and design, which has led me to major in writing and minor in graphic design and public relations. My strengths lie in my flexible writing style and a meticulous eye for detail through the planning and editing processes, which has been an asset to my growing expertise as an editor and designer.


In addition to my astounding internship as publishing coordinator at Wise Ink, I stay busy on campus developing my skills. I’m a consultant in the campus writing lab, a co-editor for The Castle, Wartburg’s literary magazine, and the OP/ED editor for The Trumpet, Wartburg’s newspaper.


My joys in life include spending time with my friends and family, reading, crafting short stories, feeding my Netflix addiction, and doing crafty Pinterest things. Exploring the world is a major desire; I’ve spent month-long study abroad trips in France and England, and I’m thrilled to be ending my senior year abroad in Galway, Ireland.


When I return home in May 2015, I’ll hit the ground running, working toward starting a career in the editing and publishing world in Minneapolis after graduation.