Wise Ink’s Ultimate Guide to Social Media Day 2014


  In 2010, Mashable launched Social Media Day, a global movement to bring awareness to and appreciation for the sweeping transformation of media in the digital age. On June 30th, Mashable will host their 5th annual meet-up. Cities all over are gearing up to get ready for the worldwide event, and Wise Ink is excited to attend online and in Minneapolis.

Why join in?

Marketing and having a large network are some of the most crucial ways to succeed as an independent author, and social media is one of the best ways to expand that network. By attending an event that is dedicated to both networking and social media, indie authors are allowed to expand their knowledge and network at the same time!


First Step: Create A Platform

Do you have a twitter, blog, or a Facebook page dedicated to your work? If not, get one. Creating a web presence allows you to give your readers direct updates and communicate back with them, establishing a solid author-reader relationship.

At the event, you'll meet other business professionals in your area and will look more credible if you have online pages dedicated to your work.

(Don't forget to follow-up after meeting someone!)


Second Step: Tweet!

After you’ve created an online platform, you can tweet in the days prior to June 30th with the hashtag #1Connection and allow yourself to be automatically included in the global exchange of @-handles.


Once June 30th arrives, tweet #SMDay to join the twitter conversation, and to wish other participants a happy Social Media Day!


Third Step: Find An Event Close To Home

This page here provides you with event locations and details, as well as connecting you with other people who are actively participating in the creation of the local event.


If you want to bring a Social Media Day event to your city, use this guide and watch this video for more information.


Our Fourth and Final Step: Attend a Boot Camp

Don’t worry; it’s not that kind of boot camp. There are boot camps all over the U.S. that can give you a crash-course on social media. For example, the University of St Thomas hosted a 2-Day Mashable Social Media Boot Camp; where they specialized in helping companies (& Indie authors) develop an excellent content strategy for their social media platform.


There you have it! Four perfect ways to celebrate Social Media Day. Now, get on your devices and connect with the world.